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Welcome to Revive, a premier healthcare provider bringing first-rate wound care to patients across the nation.

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Revive serves patients and facilities across the region with comprehensive wound solutions that put your needs first. 

If you’re frustrated by the state of your current care, or if you believe that you deserve better, Revive is the partner you’ve been searching for.

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Revive Facility Care – Serving Those Who Serve

Revive is the preferred partner of SNFs, ALFs, and LTACHs nationwide, administering superior and more comprehensive wound care to suffering patients.

Why Revive
We’re glad you asked! 

Our reputation and sky high referral rate are no accident. Revive means more, and does more.

Ready to stop worrying about wound care?

Put Revive on the job.


We work together to address matters as soon as they arise, and offer your team continuous access to our evaluations, treatment updates and patient reports, as well as necessary staff training to ensure the success of our efforts.


Time is rarely on the patient’s side. We are proactive in our assessments, tend to any issues without delay, and do regular rounds to monitor progress and identify problems before they deteriorate.

Above & beyond

From our devotion to our bedside manners, and our advanced, dynamic treatments to highly-skilled staff, we stay ahead by going the extra mile to help you in your vital work and deliver an unrivaled wound-care experience. 


Let’s face it, we all want to see results. And nobody can match our dynamic record of success. We are proudest of our impact on patient well-being, and our partners have come to expect that with Revive their facility and their patients are always in good hands.

Ready to stop worrying about wound care?

Put Revive on the job.

Driven To Heal

Founded by passionate patient advocates, Revive is unique in this dynamic field with its commitment to transforming patient care in a way that leads to meaningful and long-lasting recovery.

More Than A Bandaid

Wound care is notoriously complex, and in their capacity assisting patients in need, Revive’s founders noticed an acute shortage in care that successfully addresses the underlying causes and is geared towards remedying wounds in an enduring manner.

In recent years, Revive has expanded on its reputation for proficiency and excellence by continuing to add to its list of services, and further cemented its status as the destination for facility managers and patients.

Revive embarked on assembling a team of skilled staff members who have amassed decades of hands-on experience in the growing wound-care arena. The fledgling operation swiftly became one of the more sought-after partners in the field.

We’re Not Done Yet.

We are committed to bringing better and more effective wound care to patients across the region.

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