Wound Care Without Boundaries

We partner with healthcare providers and individuals to bring advanced wound care to patients in need — wherever they may be.

If persistent and painful wounds are of concern to you or your patients, Revive Wound Care boasts the infrastructure and capabilities to make your entire burden ours.

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A Wide Range Of Partners

Revive Wound Care boasts the infrastructure and capabilities to make your entire burden ours.

Home Health Agencies

We recognize the crucial role that home care agencies play in extending quality care to those who need it, and we offer the solutions your agency needs to serve your patients. 

Partner with Revive to provide those relying on you with first-rate access to innovative products that enhance healing and promote better and more pain-free results.

Facility Discharges

To meet your challenging responsibilities beyond a patient’s date of discharge, we stand prepared to accommodate you with a partnership that will be a testament to a shared vision of patient well-being

Our products and support are designed to seamlessly integrate into post-discharge care plans, promoting faster recovery and minimizing the risk of complications.

Nursing Homes

We play a vital role in the world of nursing care by offering resources, training, and cutting-edge wound care services to facilities around the region. 

Our goal is to empower our partners in this vital industry with the tools they need to optimize patient outcomes and elevate the standard of care provided in nursing home settings.

Patients at Home

We continue to empower patients on their journey to recovery. Managing painful and complex wounds at home can be difficult and we strive to make it as seamless as possible.

With Revive, patients gain access to care, educational resources, and ongoing support that foster independence and enhance overall well-being.

Community & Outpatient Clinics

Recognizing the diverse needs of clinical facilities in local communities, we set out to offer a range of solutions that cater to the various patient-populations served.

Serve your patients right by focusing on what you do best while ensuring that the wounds they present will receive first-rate medical care by the skilled Revive team.

Podiatry Clinics

As a leading partner of podiatry clinics in the area, we help you in the pivotal task of caring for lower extremity wounds of your patients with distinction

With specialized solutions to address the unique challenges foot-based wound care presents, we power better patient outcomes and serve to enhance your podiatry practice.

The Revive Wound Care Advantage

Custom Solutions

Just like every patient is unique, so too is each partner. We tailor our solutions to meet specific needs, creating a truly customized partnership and experience.


Our services and offerings are at the cutting edge of the wound care field, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients and partners.

Education & Collaboration

We provide comprehensive educational resources for healthcare professionals and care providers in order to foster and secure a collaborative approach to wound care.


Our dedicated team is committed to providing ongoing support to our partners, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership that benefits all parties — most notably, our patients.

Join Us In Ushering In A New Era Of Wound Care!

At Revive Wound Care, we combine expertise, innovation, and compassion to guide you through a revitalized path to recovery.

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